Just Another Day At The Office

(Contains 2 photos)
Dr Reverend Lorna Allies portfolio Dr Reverend Lorna Allies is the priest in charge in the parishes of Salhouse and Rackheath in Norfolk
(Contains 3 photos)
Richard Richard is a businessman, who combines his day job of hairdressing with motorcycle racing
(Contains 2 photos)
Clare Mulley portfolio Clare is the award-winning biographer of Eglantyne Jebb, founder of the charity Save the Children. She is also a philanthropist, giving all proceeds from the book to "Save The Children". Her new book about Krystyna Skarbek, the first female SOE agent in World War II will be published later this year.
(Contains 2 photos)
John Kinley portfolio John is an engineer, who after a long career in industry, restores old vehicles. This is the 1st production Vincent Black Lightning he restored over seven years.
(Contains 13 photos)
Bridgett Zehr portfolio Bridgett is a wonderfully talented principal ballerina at English National Ballet
(Contains 6 photos)
Ksenia Ovsyanick portfolio Ksenia is a very talented young ballerina at English National Ballet
(Contains 14 photos)
Anne Sebba portfolio Anne is a very distinguished journalist, broadcaster and biographer. Among others, she has written biographies of William Bankes, Mother Theresa, Jennie Churchill and, most recently, a groundbreaking biography of Wallis Simpson, called "That Woman"
(Contains 5 photos)
Guy De Moubray portfolio Guy De Moubray is a former Chief Economist at The Bank of England and also worked for the International Monetary Fund. After the death of his wife he began entertaining and wrote two cookery books as well as his memoirs.
(Contains 8 photos)
Daria Klimentova portfolio Daria Klimentova, recently retired as prima ballerina at English National Ballet. Daria has been one of the greatest classical ballerinas of the last twenty years
(Contains 7 photos)
Cally Callomon portfolio Cally, manager of Antar, manufacturers of bright ideas, is an art director, album sleeve designer, manager of musicians, executor of Nick Drake's estate, collector, cyclist and all round enthusiast
(Contains 4 photos)
Helen Rappaport portfolio Helen is a Russianist, translator, author of eleven historical biographies and broadcaster. Her latest book is called "Four Sisters - The lost lives of the Romanov grand duchesses"
(Contains 7 photos)
Michael Thompson portfolio Michael Thompson is the designer and builder of the Splinterbike all wooden bicycle, built to break the world speed record for such a machine, and the Splinterbike Hybrid, a high end bicycle with a wooden frame
(Contains 7 photos)
Mike Burrows portfolio Mike Burrows is probably the most innovative and foremost designer of bicycles. He designed the LotusBike, which Chris Boardman took the world hour record and won the prologue time trial of the Tour de France, as well as designing the compact frame set in his position as designer for Giant bicycles, the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world.
(Contains 6 photos)
Jane Hall portfolio Jane is a Great Yarmouth based artist, who takes her inspiration from Pop Art and American Realism. She loves to paint the kitschy cafes, amusement arcades and advertising of the seaside and the sex shop and strip club exteriors of Soho
(Contains 10 photos)
Stina Quagebeur portfolio Stina is a ballerina at English National Ballet and a rising choreographer. Her latest piece, "Vera", based on the books by Vera Brittain about the First World War, has been performed in London and New York
(Contains 6 photos)
Francois Bouttier portfolio Francois is the former head buyer for Yves St Laurent and now has an exclusive boutique in the Norfolk town of Holt
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